Use a Payday Loan For an Auto Emergency

A few years ago I owned a vending machine route that took me from Tampa in mid Florida all the way down to Boynton Beach in South Florida. I tried to keep my car in good shape but every so often it would break down on the road and I would have it towed to the nearest garage. What I overheard as I hung around the garages amazed me. Time after time the mechanic would come out and tell a customer that they needed additional repairs. Since these repairs would often run several hundred dollars, as often as not customer would decline to authorize them. Here is the scary thing, a lot of these repairs had to do with safety issues like tires, brakes and steering. Because they were short of funds, these people were putting the lives of their passengers and themselves, and everyone they drove near, in danger.

There is a better way. If you have some type of job you probably will qualify for a payday loan. Even if your credit is poor or non-existent. All you need is federally issued I. D. and proof of employment. These loans are designed for people who need relatively small amounts of money (usually $500 or less), to get them through until their next payday.

You can get your money quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes or hours, and certainly by the next business day. The loan can be transferred into your checking account so you can access the funds with a check or ATM. If you get the loan from a storefront, you can walk out with the cash.

Although they usually carry a fee and a hefty interest rate, the total financing charge is usually not very large because the principal borrowed is not a large amount and the period that the loan runs is so short. If you need more than you can pay off in one week ask what the fee would be to roll some or all of the loan over until the following week. You should always know how you are going to pay back a payday loan before you apply for one. They are not designed to finance non-essential purchases or impulse buys. There is good debt and bad debt. Any loan that helps save your life is good debt. 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