Use a Payday Loan For an Auto Emergency

A few years ago I owned a vending machine route that took me from Tampa in mid Florida all the way down to Boynton Beach in South Florida. I tried to keep my car in good shape but every so often it would break down on the road and I would have it towed to the nearest garage. What I overheard as I hung around the garages amazed me. Time after time the mechanic would come out and tell a customer that they needed additional repairs. Since these repairs would often run several hundred dollars, as often as not customer would decline to authorize them. Here is the scary thing, a lot of these repairs had to do with safety issues like tires, brakes and steering. Because they were short of funds, these people were putting the lives of their passengers and themselves, and everyone they drove near, in danger.

There is a better way. If you have some type of job you probably will qualify for a payday loan. Even if your credit is poor or non-existent. All you need is federally issued I. D. and proof of employment. These loans are designed for people who need relatively small amounts of money (usually $500 or less), to get them through until their next payday.

You can get your money quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes or hours, and certainly by the next business day. The loan can be transferred into your checking account so you can access the funds with a check or ATM. If you get the loan from a storefront, you can walk out with the cash.

Although they usually carry a fee and a hefty interest rate, the total financing charge is usually not very large because the principal borrowed is not a large amount and the period that the loan runs is so short. If you need more than you can pay off in one week ask what the fee would be to roll some or all of the loan over until the following week. You should always know how you are going to pay back a payday loan before you apply for one. They are not designed to finance non-essential purchases or impulse buys. There is good debt and bad debt. Any loan that helps save your life is good debt. Please don’t continue driving an unsafe car when you don’t have to.Related: peace lily new leaves not opening, environmental factors for delayed wound healing in animals, zipperless ground blind, highland council bin collection phone number, famous murders in new hampshire, malibu celebrity homes, surefire warcomp california legal, marvel future fight mind abilities characters, happy hour lake oswego, notre dame national championships all sports, how long can you hold binance futures perpetual, tanzyus logan funeral home obituaries, pamela moore obituary, michael savarino father, jimmy white kelly singh,Related: the simpsons zodiac signs, reality homes lawsuit, point judith country club initiation fee, mike wilson net worth, gary barnett wife, printing the future answer key, matlab multiply matrix by scalar, randy of savage garage net worth, shein mens sunglasses, idfpr email for transcripts, fell down stairs bruised buttock, quincy il motorcycle accident, gilbert group hierarchy of objectives, god eater 3 weapons list, dokhtare safir duble farsi irtv24,Related: dallas financial advisors, best jeggings high waisted, zebra zt230 invalid head replace printhead, wildwood, nj police department website, home for sale in franklin county, exercise causing long covid, descriptive research education, henrico nc real estate for sale by owner, seeed studio routerboard, economic journal impact factor, husqvarna viking h|class manual, what is dmso used for in horses, exfoliating gloves for keratosis pilaris, verizon fios delaware customer service, nature’s recipe where to buy,Related: cs 350 njit, cypress check if child element exists, rappers who died recently, sharene guilford brown, traditional scandinavian wedding dress, sailfish club palm beach membership cost, sellindge converter station, tourmaline blue metallic id4, spider murphy jailhouse rock, mason rudolph house, fretguru 2 instructions, where are banshee batteries manufactured, how old is eric forrester in real life, san timoteo canyon road closure, 444 marlin vs 450 bushmaster,Related: successful libra and scorpio couples, where to buy moonlight cigarettes, gun safety course nassau county ny, french silk scarves paris, sherwin williams vanilla sugar paint color, cork borer risk assessment, brands like notice the reckless, pfw academic calendar fall 2022, blanche dubois manipulative, david maxwell texas ranger, how to cite the american diabetes association in apa, noticias 61 houston cast, undertaker autograph signing, is james poyser still with the roots, fake or fortune constable sold,